Smart supplements

BKM develop supplements that blend natural ingredients, minerals, essential vitamins, mushrooms, and herbs, designed to deliver immediate benefits and support long-term health.

A smart supplement for sleep

  • Magnesium contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Experience relaxation & tranquillity as you unwind
  • Achieve a truly restorative deep sleep

The supplement for women, Harmonized

  • Maintain muscles during the high hormonal phase
  • Plant extracts traditionally used to support hormonal balance
  • Formulated on what actually works for women

A note from our co-founder

The Swedish freediver Li Karlsén once aimed for the skies but fate grounded her. After a tragic accident, she not only recovered but excelled, diving deep into the ocean’s embrace no matter the temperature. Today Li is not only the co-founder of BKM Health, freediving champion and coach, but an advocate for the planet.