Made in Sweden

All BKM supplements are made in Sweden.


GMP certified

Made in a GMP-certified factory, our supplements are rigorously tested for purity, potency, and safety.


HACCP certified

Made in HAACP certified factory to ensure the highest quality standards.


Balanced Wellness

Support muscle health
Harmonized includes essential amino acids that contribute to the maintenance of muscle health, particularly during periods of hormonal change. These nutrients help support your muscles, keeping them strong and resilient.

Natural hormonal balance
Our carefully selected natural plant extracts are included to support your body's natural hormonal balance. These extracts are chosen for their traditional use and existing scientific studies.

Stress reduction and cortisol balance
Harmonized includes ingredients traditionally used to support the body’s response to stress and help maintain balanced cortisol levels. This supports your overall sense of well-being and calm.


Created by Li, Swedish champion in free diving

The Nordic free dive champion Li Karlsén is the co-founder,
maker, and user of all BKM supplements. Her history and experiences laid the foundation for Harmonized. She aimed to create a supplement specifically designed for women, whether they aspire to excel in their sport, feel their best, or have the energy to care for their children.

Frequently Asked Questions