The modern lifestyle often leads to compromised sleep patterns, less physical activity and neglected psychological health; creating an array of challenges that affect every aspect of life.

From diminished productivity to strained personal relationships, the consequences are far-reaching and deeply felt.

BKM make supplements that blend natural ingredients, minerals, essential vitamins, mushrooms, and herbs, designed to deliver immediate benefits and support long-term health.


A note from our co-founder Li Karlsén

The Swedish freediver Li Karlsén once aimed for the skies but fate grounded her. After a tragic accident, she not only recovered but excelled, diving deep into the ocean’s embrace no matter the temperature. Today Li is not only the co-founder of BKM Health, freediving champion and coach, but an advocate for the planet. Just as Li dives deep for her passion, BKM supplements are formulated for those who want to deep dive into life, ensuring your own optimal well-being. 

“Originally, I was intimidated by the vast, dark unknown of the sea. However, it soon became my sanctuary for exploration and healing. Being underwater broadens your understanding of human potential. You always need to perform, not only in free diving, in your personal life.”

Li invites you to start your journey with us - be curious and dive deep to become who You want.